Author - Clément Viaud

Approval of the Offset Management Plan and Scientific Monitoring and Research Plan

The Offset Management Plan and Scientific Monitoring and Research Plan, prepared by EBS Ecology, were approved by the Minister's Delegate in July 2015.Construction Pygmy Blue-tongue Lizard Scientific Research and Monitoring Plan_Final - public versionOffset Management plan - Public versionThese plans describe the actions that will be taken to offset the potential impacts to te EPBC Act listed Tiliqua Adelaidensis also known as the Pygmy Blue-tongue Lizard.

HWF wins 100MW Power Supply Agreement in ACT Wind Auction

Neoen and Megawatt Capital are proud to announce that the Hornsdale Wind Farm has been chosen by the ACT government as the main successful bidder of the ACT Wind Auction Program.This auction attracted 18 proponents for a overall capacity of 200MW, out of which Neoen has secured a tranche of 100MW.This first tranche of the Hornsdale Wind Farm is expected to be constructed by the end of 2016, and will deliver close to 20% of the ACT electricity needs, for 20 years [...]

Community dinner in Jamestown

On the 17th September 2014, Neoen and Megawatt Capital organised a community dinner in Jamestown, involving all landowners associated to the project.The event gathered more than 35 people, and was a perfect occasion for the new owners of the Hornsdale Wind Farm to update all stakeholders on the status of the project and the evolution of the regulatory framework.The dinner also allowed Neoen and Megawatt Capital to acknowledge that the strong landowner's support is instrumental in making the Hornsdale Wind Farm one of the best [...]